Polyamide Quick plastic electrical connector

  • Product material: PA (polyamide), the outer fastening ring: polyformaldehyde (POM)
  • Specification of thread: Metric/PG/G thread
  • Structure: -40℃ ~ +110℃
  • Color: Black. Other colors are customizable
  • How to use: GNE-SM type fast joints are the fittings of the flexible pipes, which can be either connected with the housing of equipments or connected with electric equipment with inner threaded access hole as per the thread selected. Simply insert the flexible pipe into the union.
    Ürün Kodu Uygun Boru Ölçüsü PG Dimension Of Thread
    GNE-SM-PG7 AD10.0 PG7
    GNE-SM-PG9 AD13.0 PG9
    GNE-SM-PG11 AD15.8 PG11
    GNE-SM-PG13.5 AD18.5 PG13.5
    GNE-SM-PG16 AD21.2 PG16
    GNE-SM-PG21 AD28.5 PG21
    GNE-SM-PG29 AD34.5 PG29
    GNE-SM-PG36 AD42.5 PG36
    GNE-SM-PG48 AD54.5 PG48

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