PA6 Kablo Koruma Spiralleri

Product material: PA6 polyamide
Working temperature: -40℃~+125℃, +140℃ can be reached but kept only for a short time
Certification: European Environmental Protection Certification SGS:S H6134468/CHEM
Structure: Wavy shape both interiorly and exteriorly
Color: Black. Other colors are customizable upon requirements.

SPA-07B 6.5×10.0
SPA-10B 10.0×13.0
SPA-12B 12.0×15.8
SPA-14B 14.3×18.5
SPA-17B 17.0×21.2
SPA-23B 23.0×28.5
SPA-29B 29.0×34.5
SPA-36B 36.0×42.5
SPA-48B 48.0×54.5
SPA-63B 63.0×74.0
SPA-76B 76.0×88.0
SPA-94B 94.0×108.0

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